Who We Are

Stahlin Enclosures is the Pioneer of Non-Metallic Enclosures.

We have the Most Specified Non-Metallic Electrical Enclosures. Why?

  • Because of unsurpassed, proven product performance quality.
  • Because we are the actual pioneers of fiberglass enclosures.
  • Because we offer all non-metallic offerings, including fiberglass, polycarbonate, and PVC.
  • Because we offer the largest available selection of non-metallic enclosures.
  • Because of Stahlin’s competitive pricing.
  • Because of our ability to meet your needs & right now!
  • Because of our ModRight program, offering endless combinations of customizations.

Your benefits are rooted in more than 70-years of Stahlin engineering and manufacturing experience in solving unique requirements. Put simply, we build non-metallic enclosures that meet your needs, with quality that will exceed your expectations. Because we are the primary source producer of all our own enclosure components, we provide you assured quality control. From a single manufacturing location we:

  • Formulate and blend our own fiberglass composite including patent-pending SolarGuard® for unequaled UV resistance.
  • Mold our enclosures using the highest processing standards.
  • Integrate CNC and other technologies to optimize bonding, gasketing, customizing functions, and final assembly processes.
  • Maintain a balance between appealing aesthetics and stringent physical property performance standards including NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P integrity.

Stahlin is competitive from the word Go! for three primary reasons:

  • We have hands-on control of our integrated, in-house manufacturing process from first step to last touch.
  • Non-metallic enclosures offer significant economic savings over metallic alternatives such as stainless steel, yet provides comparable or superior physical property benefits.
  • We are price competitive with other non-metallic material options while frequently offering better performance value.