Com-Pac Filtration chooses Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures for protecting sensitive controls in commercial aquatics applications.

The Situation

Com-Pac Filtration is a company that began designing and building pumping and filtration equipment for commercial pools and spas in Florida over 40 years ago. Com-Pac Filtration provides products including large water slides, control panels, pumps, wet playground equipment and much more. Additionally, Com-Pac Filtration has built equipment for some industrial applications such as chemical pumping systems and large water transfer/booster skids.

The Challenge

Com-Pac Filtration recently faced a challenge in which they needed to incorporate non-metallic enclosure housings to protect the electrical components of their designs, such as VFD’s, starters, PLC’s, HMI’s, Breakers, Control Relays, Switches and Indicators, Surge Arrestors, Terminal Blocks and more.

Metallic enclosures were not an option, as they are prone to corrosion and therefore incapable of providing the long-term protection necessary for the harsh environments in which these important controls are constantly exposed to, which is water and chlorine.

The commercial aquatics industry relies on electrical components to run filtration systems, pump systems, controls and more, every day. Common conditions of aquatic applications, such as outdoor applications, wet environments and exposure to chemicals, all create a challenge for protecting electrical components due to the increased rate of corrosion.

The Solution

“We researched and tried many of the fiberglass enclosure manufactures when we became a certified UL508A control panel shop, and when we found Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, they seemed to be the best fit for us,” stated Travis Atkinson, an Engineer at Com-Pac Filtration.

Com-Pac Filtration uses primarily Stahlin’s DiamondShield® and N-Series enclosures. The DiamondShield® series was developed to be easily customizable for a variety of applications, and was designed with pleasing aesthetics. The unique internal panel management capabilities provide the end user with only the features they need for their application, while still being able to utilize every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space.

Stahlin’s N Series Type 4X configurations are large control enclosures, used in a variety of applications involving diverse environmental conditions. The Type 4X product is designed to meet the rigorous demands of indoor and outdoor applications.

“Stahlin’s enclosure design, accessory options, and UV resistance featuring patented SolarGuard®, the best available protection against UV degradation, has worked great for us for over five years. We work in very corrosive environments and non-metallics have always been a better choice for us,” Travis stated. He sums up Com-Pac Filtration’s experience in using Stahlin enclosures, stating that, “Stahlin has been great all around.”

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