Durability of non-metallic enclosure from Stahlin meets need for satellite communication use

The Situation

AMCi has been in business for more than 20 years and provides innovative remote monitoring, alarming, and control solutions using advanced low-cost satellite and other forms of communications equipment. AMCi systems serve the energy, water, environmental, and security markets.

The Challenge

AMCi manufactures systems that utilize enclosures for the housing and protection of a variety of internal components including: satellite terminals, cellular modems, radios, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Remote Terminal Units (RTU), data loggers, terminal blocks and other assorted instrumentation.

These critical elements are subject to harsh environmental conditions in remote areas and, consequently, must be safeguarded by extremely reliable, durable enclosures.

The Solution

After reviewing the many available options AMCi opted to use non-metallic enclosures to protect their systems. Why?

First, because metal is not as accommodating as non-metallic materials in terms of enabling electronic signals to transmit as freely as their satellite systems required.

Second, because their systems are placed in extreme and remote environments. They did not want to risk needing to expose an antenna as would be necessary with a metallic enclosure. That would have made the entire system more vulnerable to failure.

Third, they were convinced that non-metallic enclosures ultimately provided proven durability essential for protecting their applications.

“We have been successfully using several models of Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures for more than six years. These products have provided reliable durability in remote locations, corrosion resistance, configuration options, and of most importance, compatibility for enabling our systems to achieve effective satellite linkage. We now package our satellite terminals inside Stahlin enclosures. These terminals transmit and receive with ease through non-metallic enclosures. Additionally, by using Stahlin enclosures we have simplified our packaging problems by mounting satellite communications solutions directly inside the enclosure, thereby reducing our total parts count.” - Fred Wenzel, VP Sales & Marketing, AMCi

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