Increased knowledge of corrosion and improved material choices for electrical enclosures reduces failure in the field

The Situation

According to G2MT Laboratories in 2016, the estimated cost of corrosion to the US economy is more than $1.1 trillion annually. Direct costs of corrosion include costs reported by companies that are directly attributable to corrosion and can be split into two main components: design, manufacturing, and construction costs related to corrosion management.

The Challenge

The key role of enclosure specifying engineers is to ensure the effective choice of products duch as enclosures for their environment. This responsibility is especially critical when applications are in highly corrosive environments where product failure is not only extremely costly but could also lead to a major calamity.

The Solution

Stahlin non-metallic materials are not susceptible to rust or other forms of oxidation. Composite fiberglass enclosures also offer excellent chemical resistance to halogens such as chlorine and fluorine. Stahlin enclosures are easily modified (simple to drill cutouts), to properly protect controls in harsh environments, are non-conductive, and withstand extreme cold/ heat. These enclosures are also cost-effective.

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