Morrow-Meadows Corporation Selects Fiberglass Enclosures For Carlsbad Desalination Reverse Osmosis Project

The Situation

Morrow-Meadows Corporation, an Electrical Contractor incorporated in 1964 in the State of California, is the premier electrical and data communications contractor on the West Coast today.

The Challenge

Brian Murdick, a Project Manager at Morrow-Meadows Corporation, faced a challenge in which he needed an enclosure to protect electrical equipment at the Carlsbad Desalination Project on the coast of California.

Due to the nature of the process, the reverse osmosis environment is extremely corrosive. In addition to the process itself, the exposure to salt air due to the proximity of the plant to the Pacific Ocean heightened the risk of corrosion on the enclosure needed for this project.

The Solution

“During my search for a fiberglass option, a peer recommended Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, having had success with their products,” stated Brian Murdick. “We currently are using Stahlin’s N Series Type 4X Configurations with stainless steel hinged and latched down cover,” he explained.

Stahlin’s N Series Type 4X Configurations are large control enclosures used in a variety of applications involving diverse environmental conditions. The Type 4X product is designed to meet the rigorous demands of indoor and outdoor applications.

Brian Murdick sums up his decision to use Stahlin products, stating that, “these Stahlin boxes were chosen instead because they are lighter weight, easier to handle and install, and will hold up better than the stainless steel in this environment.”

Facing a challenge in a particularly corrosive environment, Brian’s experience with the product shows that the Stahlin enclosure provides ample resistance against corrosion: “I have been using Stahlin boxes for 8 years and have been pleased with the performance of the enclosures and why Stahlin was chosen for this Carlsbad Desalination Project.”

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