Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and PFI Marine Electric Successfully Protect Electrical Components on Vessels in the Bering Sea with Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

The Situation

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Pacific Fishermen is a full-service shipyard that offers a variety of custom fabrication solutions for many aspects of boat maintenance and restoration, including metal work, wood re-work and electrical systems and wiring.

Often, the custom fabrication processes requires the shipyard to install reliable electrical enclosures to protect controls, power supplies with LEDs, timers for alarm systems, contractors for fish pumps, PLC controllers and many other types of electrical components that are part of onboard systems.

The Challenge

Most Pacific Fishermen Shipyard customers operate vessels in harsh environments that are constantly exposed to salt water, ultraviolet rays and severe weather with heavy rains. Therefore, electrical equipment must be properly protected in order to function reliably, and Pacific Fishermen needed to find an enclosure that would provide long-term performance in these tough operating conditions.

This was particularly important for a customer vessel that would be operating in the notoriously harsh Bering Sea, with controls placed on the ship’s mast. The Bering Sea is known for its harsh weather conditions, with frost that persists nearly year-round during its rainy, cool summers, and snowy winters. In order to endure the saltwater, frost, rain, snow, high winds, storms, and temperatures that reach -31° to -49°F, electrical systems onboard the vessel required reliable protection.

The Solution

Such environmental conditions pose a high risk of corrosion, a challenge that Pacific Fishermen solved by selecting fiberglass enclosures for the Bering Sea vessel.

Pacific Fishermen knew Stahlin enclosures would be capable of maintaining seaworthiness in the harsh operating conditions of the North Pacific and Bering Sea.

Stahlin’s J Series Enclosures are designed for diverse applications associated with extremely corrosive environments, and are ideal for use as instrument housings and junction boxes. They are excellent for Pacific Fishermen’s custom fabrication designs, as the fiberglass material can be easily configured with cutouts and modifications to make a custom finished product.

Since the early 80’s, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard has been using Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures to provide their customers with top-quality protection, and has never had any issues with the enclosures. Stahlin enclosures were the ideal choice for withstanding the harsh conditions of the Bering Sea, and have performed very well on Pacific Fishermen’s customer vessel.

With the guaranteed reliable performance offered by Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard will continue to provide customers with top-quality customized designs and electrical system protection, capable of long-lasting performance in a variety of harsh environments.

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