Stahlin non-metallic enclosures protect critical sensor systems

The Situation

Wavetronix is a manufacturer of radar detectors used in the transportation industry. They provide three main product lines: Smartsensor – sensors used to detect vehicles. Click! – a line of products that provide power to the sensor and allow commu- nication between the sensor and Traffic Operations Center. Command – products which provide back end data collection of the sensor network.

The Challenge

Recently, Wavetronix was in need of an enclosure for their Click! line of devices to offer surge surpression, power, and communication options for serial to fiber, serial to Bluetooth, serial to Ethernet, serial to Wifi, serial to USB, and serial to 900 Mhz. The purpose is to provide power and surge protection to their traffic sensor, while forwarding communication to and from the sensor.

The dimensions of the Click! device made finding a small enclosure problematic. An additional challenge was presented by the fact most Click! units are pole mounted so they needed to be lightweight for easy installation.

Moreover, enclosed Click! units are exposed to harsh environments in which long- term reliability of performance is key. On top of those requirements, their customers, not surprisingly, are cost conscious.

The Solution

Initially, Wavetronix was told by some resources the only enclosure type that could meet their needs was a metallic enclosure. Metallics, however, did not seem to meet some of their principle requirements for reduced weight and cost; nor did they appear to offer the breadth of protection against corrosive and other environmental forces likely to post a damage threat to the controls enclosures must protect.

Wavetronix determined that Stahlin composite non-metallic enclosures are highly corrosion resistant and help beat the extremely high cost of environmental damage. They are also lighter weight, yet still provide the desired impact resistance. The weight advantage reduces shipping costs and contributes to ease of installation and handling.

"We’ve been using Stahlin J-Series enclosures for two years now but have recently realized yet another benefit: ease of modification. In addition to field modifications, Stahlin offers us quick turnaround factory-based custom hole drilling plus the option to use both a link lock latch and a padlock latch.“ - Kalani Graham, Engineering Support, Wavetronix

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