Stahlin non-metallic enclosures used to protect controls in highly demanding environments

The Situation

Monroe Truck Equipment is a manufacturer of roadway salt spreaders, Pre-Wet and Anti-Ice Systems, for melting ice on winter roadways. A load of salt is conveyed in the back of a truck and a small portion of salt is propelled across the roadway by a mechanical thrower to provide an even dusting of salt on packed ice and snow.

The Challenge

Monroe needed an enclosure to protect the distribution controls involved in these processes. The environment Monroe’s equipment faces is by nature incredibly harsh with constant exposure to salt and water accelerating the harmful effects of corrosion. There is also the potential of damage caused by flying rocks or debris on the roadway.

The Solution

Monroe chose Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures to provide safe, environmental protection for their distribution controls.

Notable in the design was a need for a mechanically sound enclosure which protected itself and its contents from an ever-present state of water and salt exposure without the natural corroding effects common to metal enclosures.

Mechanically sound is reference to an enclosure that could be exposed to flying stones and roadway objects without fear of breakage. The durability of Stahlin fiberglass products was ideal for this application. In total, five Stahlin Non Metallic Enclosures, J1210HW, J1816HW, J604HLL, J1210HPL, and J1816HPL were used by Monroe.

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