Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures and Outdoor Audio make beautiful music together while protecting the DeckTunes outdoor audio system in all types of weather

The Situation

Although there are hundreds of outdoor rated speakers on the market, they typically rely on an audio source that’s located indoors. This requires complicated installation procedures such as drilling holes in buildings, running wires from speakers through exterior insulation filled walls, and struggling to get wiring through multiple walls to finally reach the audio source.

In most cases, even once this daunting task is complete, the user will still have no control over the source unit while physically in the outdoor location.

The Challenge

The team at Outdoor Audio needed to find the proper enclosure to protect the electrical components of DeckTunes from environmental damage and from accidental contact by the user. At the same time, because it supported a consumer product, the enclosure needed to look good.

For ease of installation and long-term mounting security it needed to be lightweight. Additionally, it needed to be easily modifiable.

The Solution

The “Classic Series” from Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures ultimately satisfied the many performance criteria of Outdoor Audio. The product family was a great choice as it was developed for high-end electronics manufacturers who required both toughness and durability combined with modern styling, pleasing aesthetics, and smooth rounded edges.

This series has a unique design due to its hidden hinge and flush fitting cover, which suits it well for the intended end use applications such as control stations and operator interface units.

"Field testing demonstrated that fiberglass enclosures provide proven durability within the demanding environments in which we place our controls." Shane Mott - President; CEO.

Specifically: the Stahlin Classic enclosures are lightweight and easy for Outdoor Audio’s customers to install. They are waterproof and UL listed. Plus, the Classic Series are aesthetically pleasing and help the DeckTunes system blend into a deck, patio, boat dock or courtyard.

Modifications are no problem because of the fiberglass construction of these enclosures. Consequently, elements such as antennas, the audio faceplate, a 12-volt connection and the media drawer can easily be added.

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