Stahlin offers you a wide-ranging selection of non-metallic enclosures featuring 15 full product lines encompassing over 1000 part numbers and over 40 configurations. Our enclosures offer the varying benefits of fiberglass, polycarbonate and PVC, ensuring your ability to source and achieve protection for every on-the-job need.

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Rockwell Automation on the Move

Join us at RAOTM! Come learn how smart, safe, and sustainable solutions can turn your marketplace challenges into advantages. Enable Plant-wide optimization, boost machine builder performance, and drive sustainable production. Tulsa, Oklahoma: June 26-27 Kitchener, Ontario: July 24-25 Lakeland, Florida: August 7-8 Learn more here.

Stahlin® Bootcamp 2019

Become a Stahlin® expert with our 1.5 day course! Sales Representatives and Distributors are invited to attend this special training event. Learn the top tips from experienced instructors to help you maximize your sales. Contact customer service for more information. April 11-13 August 8-10 Location: Belding, MI