Looking for a reliable, highly adaptable disconnect enclosure?

You’ll find what you need with the C Series Disconnect Enclosures from Stahlin® Enclosures — the leading expert in fiberglass enclosure solutions.

What’s so special about Stahlin® C Series Disconnect Enclosures?

Integrity from an environmentally sealed, rod driven, disconnect mechanism

The Type 4X environmentally sealed, vertical disconnect handle of the Stahlin® C Series is made from a corrosion resistant composite for extreme environmental conditions. This mechanism differs significantly from a rotary through- the-door system. The assembly maintains complete environmental integrity of the enclosure while minimizing panel obstruction. The mechanism mounts to the far right side of the enclosure and reduced linkage interference with panel mounted components. As a result, competitively priced, commercially available controls can be used. This innovative handle mechanism uses internal cabinet space in the most efficient way possible. The handle mechanism is unchanged, regardless of the capacity of the control. Five different enclosure sizes are offered to accommodate both small and large control assemblies.

Proven solutions in diverse applications

Available in sizes ranging from: 20” x 16” to 36” x 30, ” Stahlin® C Series Disconnect Enclosures are Rated Type 1, 3, 3R, 4X, 12; are UL/cUL/CSA Listed; and are constructed from patented SolarGuard® fiber reinforced polyester for unmatched UV resistance plus robust impact and corrosion resistant protection. A memory-retaining polyurethane gasket ensures reliable sealing.

Durability and proven resistance to environmental degradation

The ruggedness of the Stahlin® C Series Disconnect Enclosures offers the most practical solution for many applications including machine control, marine, wastewater, and chemical production.

Maximum functionality

These small to medium size wall mount enclosures are designed to maximize available space for electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical control circuits. The design is easily adaptable to many popular disconnect and circuit breaker designs such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Cutler Hammer, and Square D.

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