Stahlin® Enclosures announces the availability of new Safety Yellow PushButton Enclosures available in one and two hole configurations with either 22mm or 30mm diameter holes.

These new polycarbonate enclosures feature a yellow cover and black base, are rated NEMA Type 1, 3, 4X, 6P, 12 and are cULus listed. They have been designed and produced to meet international industry requirements for emergency stop (E-Stop) applications. Any new machinery with emergency stops must follow guidelines that include a yellow safety component provided by the enclosure. According to EN/IEC 60947-5-5, EN/IEC 60204-1, and EN ISO 13850: “Buttons used as actuators of an emergency stop device shall be colored red. When a background exists behind the actuator, and as far as it is practicable, it shall be colored yellow.”

The new Safety Yellow PushButton Enclosures have a high-visibility yellow background ensuring compliance with ISO standards and increase user safety especially in areas with low levels of lighting. Colors molded-in to the polycarbonate material increase durability, help eliminate loss of color from chipping or scraping, and prevent need for frequent replacement. They are supplied with standard captive polymer cover screws, lift-off cover, and memory retaining seamless polyurethane gasket and offer superior environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

The PushButton Series from Stahlin® Enclosures is designed for general-purpose electrical and electronic applications and control stations. Easily adaptable for most common push button and indicator lights, the series is useful for compact portable control systems or for use as an operator interface in both indoor and outdoor environments. The rugged and durable design, either in-line or multi-hole, allows use in many MRO and OEM applications. They are constructed from rugged fiberglass reinforced polyester or polycarbonate and feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides a complete environmental seal.

Among the many benefits of the new Stahlin® Yellow PushButton Enclosures:


A highly visible yellow background ensures compliance with standards and increases user safety especially in areas with low levels of lighting.


Impact resistant construction increases durability, maintains color and gloss integrity, and prevents need for frequent replacement.


Listed Type 4X and 6P, with captive polymer cover screws, lift-off cover and memory retaining seamless polyurethane gasket, these enclosures provide superior environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

Ease of installation

Equipped with internal and external mounting bosses and molded-in reference mounting dimensions, and combination head screws, these enclosures increase productivity and reduce labor cost.


Safety Yellow PushButton Enclosures Non-metallic polycarbonate 1 and 2-hole in-line 22mm and 30mm configurations.

Catalog Number Number of Holes Hole Size
YW-CFPC1PB 1 30mm
YW-CFPC2PB 2 30mm
YW-CFPC1PB22 1 22mm
YW-CFPC2PB22 2 22mm


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