New Polycarbonate Enclosures with Mounting Flanges are designed for OEMs and Installers and add another robust
mounting option to the most durable and flexible offering of polycarbonate enclosures available in the market!

Markets: Ideal for non-hazardous industrial and commercial applications where enclosures require robust
mounting support.

Industries: Polycarbonate enclosures with mounting flanges are commonly used in electrical control,
measurement and monitoring, security, oil and gas, manufacturing, and communications.




Value Features Customer Benefit
1. Installation flexibility
  1. Innovative mounting cross allows for multiple screw positions.
  2. Flange can be mounted on the top and bottom, or sides of the enclosure.
Saves time, by reducing the need for on-site modification or adjustments.


Adds flexibility to meet a wide variety of installation requirements.

2. Reduced Maintenance Innovative water-shedding flange design contains a built-in radius to prevent accumulation of water. Reduces maintenance and keeps equipment secured and protected when installed in harsh environments.
3. Easy to Order! Available as a stand-alone accessory SKU or included with our Polycarbonate Enclosures, they are part of our SelectRight program of standard products available through our catalog. Saves ordering and receiving time and complexity.



Stahlin PC Flange Brochure

Stahlin PC Flange Instruction Sheet