25-Plus Years Of Great Service And World-Class Non-Metallic Enclosures From Stahlin® Enclosures Has Helped Micro Grow Control Systems Become The Market Leader for Greenhouse Watering Systems, Propagation, Misting and Fogging, Sensors And Custom Built Contractor Cabinets.

A Special Relationship:

“Stahlin® Enclosures? They are our go-to people.”

---- Tom Piini, Founder of Micro Grow Control Systems, Inc.

The Reasons For 20-Years Of Success Together:

In the words of Tom Piini, Founder of Micro Grow:

“Other enclosure manufacturers are always knocking on our door saying that they have great products and great prices, but I'm never tempted. Here's why. For over half of the 40 plus years that Micro Grow has been in business, Stahlin® has been by our side as our nonmetallic enclosures partner. We pioneered the first computerized environmental controls for greenhouses --- Stahlin® pioneered the first fiberglass enclosure --- so we go together well.”

Tom continues by explaining the all-important role of service in a relationship.

“Stahlin product quality, and their personnel, are second-to-none, but we expect that from a supplier. What sets Stahlin® apart, in addition to quality, is the fact that I can call their factory and whoever picks up the phone can help me right then and there. I have always felt that I am a top priority --- a feeling I don't always get from others. We ask a lot from our vendors, and in return we are fiercely loyal. Stahlin has met that challenge, and continues to exceed it.”

Has Micro Grow tried other nonmetallic enclosures?

“Sure,” says Tom. “Over the years we have tried other non-metallic enclosures. I got a lot of guys banging on our door. Here's what happened. If the boxes were metallic they corroded. If low prices were promised, the quality wasn’t there. Greenhouse environments range from humid to damp to absolutely drenched. It's us against rust and we can't afford to have enclosures that don't properly protect the sensitive equipment they house. With non-Stahlin® nonmetallic boxes we encountered numerous problems: latches that came off, sealing gaskets that fell out --- boxes that were simply just old and ugly looking.”

So, would Tom recommend Stahlin®?

“I like to joke by saying NO!” he says. “Only because I don’t want anyone else to look like us or to know our secrets! We don’t want our competition to know how we do what we do! Sshhhhh. Seriously, though --- not only would I recommend Stahlin® but I do so all the time. Many of our own customers ask: 'Where did you get that enclosure? We need ones like that.' They are excited by the fact that there are so many good uses for Stahlin® enclosures. I even have one customer who used a large Stahlin® enclosure to enclose their field-located time clock for employees.”

Current Applications of Stahlin® Enclosures By Micro Grow:

Among the many Stahlin® enclosure products used by Micro Grow over the years, two product family series are currently in frequent application: DiamondShield® and PolyStar® Using the PolyStar® polycarbonate line made a lot of sense for Micro Grow --- no dust during drilling and a new-smooth and clean look.

DiamondShield® fiberglass enclosures are ideal for use in Micro Grow's Procom systems which are the best available, high-end environmental computer controls for professional commercial growers and research greenhouses worldwide. DiamondShield® gave Micro Grow an “instant custom” look without the high cost.

Diamondshield® enclosures are also used to reliably house Micro Grow's Weathermaster products which are greenhouse ventilation systems designed to protect from high winds and rain damage.
One of the many value-adds of Diamondshield® is that there is the option for a totally clear cover which provides optimal viewing and use of controls including interactive LCD screens. Because of the cover clarity we can get to the front panel very easily to read what’s happening in the greenhouse by seeing the stages of LED lights without opening the front cover.

PolyStar® polycarbonate enclosures from Stahlin® are in use on all Micro Grow motor control systems because they can be drilled and modified easily, without dust, thereby providing zero-risk of damage to the controls protected by these enclosures.

With both corrosion-resistant, NEMA 4X-rated DiamondShield® and PolyStar® enclosures, Micro Grow has come to depend on easy-opening latches that stay secure, and on reliable sealing made possible by gaskets that adhere properly.

Says Tom Piini: “We have repeat customers who measure our product live in decades rather than years. Stahlin® helps us keep that reputation.”
Additionally, Micro Grow has come to rely of factory-precise customizations such as fabrication and printing of front panels, expertly handled by Stahlin® through its ModRight® enclosure modification program. This is rather new in the relationship between Stahlin® and Micro Grow, but it makes financial sense. The quality Micro Grow receives rivals the best large format print houses they have ever used previously.
According to Tom Piini: “Getting a box and cover in, and simply grabbing it off the shelf is a huge time saver!”

The Diamond Shield® Series was developed for design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. Applications include high-end electronics, harsh corrosive environments, and industrial applications both indoors and out. Patented panel management capabilities provide the end user with only the features they need for their application, leaving every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space for use. Diamond Shield® is available in size ranges: 6” x 6” to 20” x 16” with opaque, flush-bonded window, and clear cover options available. They are Rated Type 1, 3, 3S, 4X, 12, 13 and are UL/cUL/CSA Listed.
The PolyStar® Series is the most durable, reliable NEMA 4X non-metallic polycarbonate enclosures available. Made in the U.S.A., PolyStar® polycarbonate enclosures can withstand rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, hose directed water—and provide superior impact and flame protection. They are available in size ranges: 6” x 6” to 24” x 24” and are Rated Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X,12 , IEC IP66 and are UL/cUL Listed.

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